Monday, March 3, 2014

Version 1.0.4 Released

Change log:
  • Fixed a bug with "Level Start" Triggers not activating BIT / Switch Triggers.
  • Fixed Arrow Key controls.
  • Added Alt + Arrow Key scroll controls to the Level Editor
  • Added new controls: "Enter" to reload gun and "Control" to use objects for arrow key friendliness.
  • Disabled a debug popup when using a custom variable in a message.
  • Changed Level Editor object placement to never overwrite an existing object. Existing objects must now be deleted before a new object (with the exception of environmental objects) can be put in the same location.
  • Changed the custom level subreddit prompt to open the webpage directly if desired.
  • Added "Y" / "N", "Enter" / "Escape" hotkeys to system generated question prompts.
  • Added a view outline when zoomed out with Z in the level editor to indicate where the view will be when you release Z.
  • Game Settings are now saved, so you no longer have to change them each time you play
This is essentially a quick optional patch update to fix some minor issues / increase user friendliness

Friday, February 28, 2014

Version 1.0.3

Tons of changes in this version, the biggest of which being the new Trigger event system! It will allow for a lot more creativity in level design, and it's what I'll be using to create the single player campaign.

There are also a bunch of new environmental objects that really help bring life to the levels. Including windows which can be given durability and destroyed by enemies.

I've reworked the included Demo level to incorporate these new features, and also included "TheCell". A level I created during one of my recent Dev Streams