Monday, March 3, 2014

Version 1.0.4 Released

Change log:
  • Fixed a bug with "Level Start" Triggers not activating BIT / Switch Triggers.
  • Fixed Arrow Key controls.
  • Added Alt + Arrow Key scroll controls to the Level Editor
  • Added new controls: "Enter" to reload gun and "Control" to use objects for arrow key friendliness.
  • Disabled a debug popup when using a custom variable in a message.
  • Changed Level Editor object placement to never overwrite an existing object. Existing objects must now be deleted before a new object (with the exception of environmental objects) can be put in the same location.
  • Changed the custom level subreddit prompt to open the webpage directly if desired.
  • Added "Y" / "N", "Enter" / "Escape" hotkeys to system generated question prompts.
  • Added a view outline when zoomed out with Z in the level editor to indicate where the view will be when you release Z.
  • Game Settings are now saved, so you no longer have to change them each time you play
This is essentially a quick optional patch update to fix some minor issues / increase user friendliness

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