Custom Levels

Pre-Alpha Levels (up to v1.3.5a)

Made a level? Cool! Send it to me at, and I'll add it here.

MegaFont's Level (32kb) - A bio-reseach facility gone bad. A fairly large map with some good use of dialog, and lots of secrets!

7seg (7kb, requires v1.3.4_1a or higher) - A 7 segment display. Something I put together to show off some of the capabilities of the Dread Engine. Click here to see a video demo

The Loading Dock (18kb) - Picks up right where the Demo Level leaves off.

VX Map Pack 1 (8kb ZIP) -  A pack of 5 levels by Dread Dev Team member Jon Trew. The first of the series! To install, extract all files to the Dread game folder.

Casa_Mal  (30kb) - You wake up in your bed to the zombie apocalypse! Can you survive and escape? By: Jake Saul.

Historia Malo (30kb) - The sequel to Casa Mal by Jake Saul