Sunday, March 25, 2012

FOV blending is on the way

Early test conclusion: Not quite right yet
v1.3.5a is going to have some big visual changes. The area immediately around the player will be visible, so you can see what is biting you in the butt and where, and the FOV "shadows" will have a slight gradient so that they aren't quite so jarring on the eyes.

The first new enemy sprite by Sidney Durant will also be introduced, replacing the existing green blob / ant / tentacle monster.

I'm also trying to add in some more useful functionality to the NPC characters, but it's still questionable as to whether that will make it into this build.


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    1. Another thing. I just gave up my idea about perfect shadows (finally). I'm currently thinking on a lighting system similar to yours, but that's kinda boring for me to work on. So, is there any chance I can license your engine once it is done? If so, what are your conditions? (Yeah, I'm lazy, and unashamed :))

    2. Thanks! It's probably going to be more work for you to rebuild my engine to work for ScotoPhobos than to build your own. I'd be happy to discuss the details of how things work (it's really very simple), and / or send you some code. Or, if you're feeling up to a challenge, I am working on cleaning up the source and releasing it, as you're not the first person to ask.

    3. Hmmm... well, currently I'm just gathering options. What libraries and language do you use?
      Maybe you are right, and I'll only need the ideas. If that's really that simple, I'd like to hear it.
      Thanks for the quick answer.

    4. Dread is built with GameMaker Pro.

      Here's the simplified explanation:

      Every wall that is in the game has some data arrays created as they are loaded from the level file.


      Using that data, the game checks to see if the wall is within viewing distance of the player, then it checks to see if the angle between the wall and the player is within the player's FOV. If it is, it draws a black polygon outward from the corners of the wall at the angle between the corner and the player, then draw's its wall image on top of that.

      There's a couple efficiency tricks in there, like only drawing out from the 2 corners that would cast the "shadow", but that's the gist of it.

    5. Oh, that's indeed simple. Thanks for the explanation :)

      The game is written in GM pro, that means... I can't use it, or at least it would be indeed a huge effort to re-write it in C. Anyway, thanks the info, and keep up the good work :) (Today I completed the demo level. After 3 tries. :D)

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