Monday, March 5, 2012

A Review and a Level

YouTube user GnarvinAttacks did a great video playthrough / review of the first Alpha release (Thanks Gnarvin!):

And yesterday I had the pleasure of playing through an awesome new level by "Megafont". He did a great job of showing off the story potential of the editor, and his level is just the right combination of size, difficulty, and fun!

Want to help keep everyone entertained while I work on the next build? If you have a cool level you've designed, or a Dread related YouTube video, send them to and I'll showcase them here for you.


  1. Could you add an option for a windowed mode, or at least make it possible to alt+tab out?
    Also, a dedicated pause menu would be a nice touch. I accidentally hit Escape my first time through and it cancelled instantaneously. At least add something like "Are you sure you want to quit?"

  2. Definitely. I'm working on adding a menu with various options for the next build. I'll see about fixing alt-tab too.