Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's coming in v1.3.4a

Progress is going well on the new update. I'm adding a couple new things, fixing a few bugs, and optimizing some of the code. Here's a breakdown of what's to come so far:
  1. Pause Menu with Sound Volume, Music Volume, Mouse Sensitivity, and Quit to Menu options
  2. Pressing ESC will open the pause menu instead of closing the game
  3. Doors can now be opened while facing away from them
  4. Friendly NPCs now wander around aimlessly
  5. Changed the way backgrounds are handled internally to improve performance
  6. Fixed an error in setting variables [Level Editor]
  7. Fixed an error involving quotation marks in the Show Dialog trigger [Level Editor]
  8. Added documentation for Background tab [Level Editor]
  9. Added level1 background to Background tab [Level Editor]
  10. Added "false" condition for variable check trigger [Level Editor]
  11. Fixed the included level so that it will load properly in the level editor

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