Sunday, March 18, 2012

v1.3.4a is finally out!

Click here to download v.1.3.4a (14.6mb)

Despite the bug fest that I discovered on Friday (which was when it was supposed to be done), v.1.3.4a is now available!

Complete Change log:
  1. ESC now opens the in-game menu with SFX volume, Music toggle, Mouse sensitivity, Key Sensitivity, and Return to Menu options.
  2. Menu options are saved in the "settings.cfg" file.
  3. Awesome new Title Screen music by Chris Kukla
  4. New Title screen (now with buttons! How cool is that?)
  5. 10 new backgrounds by Cody Jernander
  6. Doors can now be opened while facing away from them
  7. Internal Background optimizations (areas outside the built level no longer have a background)
  8. Fixed a plethora of bugs in the level editor
  9. Fixed a nearly equal plethora of errors in the game
  10. Added a new feature for certain Trigger types that allows them to either be activated everytime or only once
  11. Edited documentation to include new features
  12. Friendly NPC characters now wander around aimlessly
  13. You can now scroll around the Level Editor with the WASD keys
  14. I've expanded the level that comes with Dread. It now uses the new backgrounds and also has a completely new ending, so I recommend playing through it again.
The new level editor will automatically update any levels that have been made with v1.3.3a. Simply load your level into the editor and save it again. So if you try to play a custom level, and it doesn't load right, try updating it with the level editor.