Monday, March 19, 2012

An optional update: v1.3.4_1a

Download v1.3.4_1a

Found one last bug in the new "Every time / Once" feature involving the "Check Value" Trigger which caused it to not activate its designated follow trigger (Does not effect any of the currently released levels, but will cause headaches for level designers).

I've also added the option to press F4 to switch between full screen and windowed modes for both the game and the level editor, and the option to press F5 to check for updates to the game.

It is recommended, but not necessary to update to this build.


  1. Awesome, liking the new floors, do you plan on adding more weapons, would love to see a magnum(like handgun, but stronger, shoots slower and takes longer to reload), grenades, chainsaw(for some close rang action) or maybe even some secret area with a rocket launcher (but very hard to find and limited ammo). Also ever thought about having some sort of light device you could throw down to keep an area lit up, wouldn't be overpowered if you could only use it once. Anyways keep up the great work!

    1. There's going to be a good variety of weapons, including some specialty ones, and I'm working on adding melee so there will be close range weapons too.

      The lit up area represents your characters FOV, so maybe deployable cameras that would keep small areas in view would be cool.